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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Electrical Sprayers (575 Watt, 1200 Watt, 1300Watt). Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve customers from all over and metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad.

In Electrical Airless applications high pressure fluid is supplied by Hydraulic part of the pump to produce atomization. This process involves pressure around 3000psi. This high pressure causes the atomization & the complete spray pattern.

In Airless spray painting applications only high pressure fluid in absence of air is utilised to produce spray angle. It is used to spray medium to high viscosity fluids and delivers a good finish quality.

Airless Spray atomization is created by hydraulic force by pushing the fluid through an orifice. There is friction between atmosphere and fluid causing splitting in to small particles. The tungsten carbide tip size & pressure determines the flow rate & spray angle. Different Wattage pumps can be used according to the type of paint to be sprayed. As they are light it weight so are easy to carry from one sight to another.

Electrical Sprayers
Technical Specifications :
Motor Rating 575 Watt 1200 Watt 1300 Watt
Electric Power Supply 220-240V/50 Hz 220-240V/50 Hz 220-240V/50 Hz
Max Working Pressure Bar (Psi) 210(3045) 200(2900) 230(2300)
Max Flowrate – LPM 1.7 2.5 3.5
Max Tip Size-inches 0.019 0.025 0.025
Gun Hose Conn. Thread ¼’’nps(m) ¼’’nps(m) ¼’’nps(m)
Pump Outlet Conn. Thread ¼’’nps(m) ¼’’nps(m) ¼’’nps(m)
Weight 10 kg 18 kg 21 kg